Poetic Theater Productions is honored to co-produce with BRIC The Brobot Adventure: Wrath of the Wackness, the follow up show to The Brobot Johnson Experience, where an alien Hip Hop android named Flobot Owens, travels through space and time to help humans be better humans. In Wrath of the Wackness, Flobot Owens, legendary Brobot MC, returns to “abduct” an audience of humans from Earth for a Sci-Fi Hip Hop dance party to eradicate the wacknesss that’s slowly plaguing his planet. The piece includes intricate live looping that combines verses with beatboxing, vocal melodies, and sound effects while mixing socially conscious lyrics in the genres of Hip Hop, Afrofuturism, and Afrobeat.

Performances: November 12 & 13, 2020

Writer/Composer/Performer: Darian Dauchan 
Director: Andrew J. Scoville
featuring Darian Dauchan, Toni Blackman, Ben Holbrook, Eric Lockley and Cristina Pitter
Video Designer: Sadah Espii Proctor and Brian Pacelli
Lighting Design: Sarah Johnston
Costume Design: Asa Benally
Props Designer: Casey Alexander Smith
Audio Engineer: Ray Archie
OBS Programming: Crystal Arnette

Development support provided by the CRITICAL BREAKS Residency Program at Hi-ARTS
Following the successful Hi-ARTS performance, Poetic Theater Productions produced Wrath of the Wackness in the 2020 Poetic License: RENEWAL Festival at the Wild Project

Darian Dauchan
 is an award winning actor, writer, and musician who has appeared on both Broadway and Off Broadway theatre. He is the 2016 Loop Station Vice Champion of the American Beatbox Championships, a finalist for the 2019 Jerome Hill Artist Fellowship and more recently completed The Brobot Johnson Project, an Afrofuturism, Sci-Fi Hip Hop transmedia piece. The web series The New Adventures of Brobot Johnson won for Outstanding Comedy Series at the 2017 LA Web Festival, BEST soundtrack at the 2017 Escape Velocity Festival sponsored by the Museum of Science Fiction, and BEST editing at the 2018 Independent Television Festival. The album “Brobot Johnson: Bionic Boom Bap” is now available on iTunes, and the show The Brobot Johnson Experience is a Howard Gilman Foundation Grantee and critically acclaimed Ben Brantley New York Times Critics’ Pick.BRIClab is a multi-disciplinary residency program created to advance opportunities for visual artists, performers, and media makers. This newly reimagined program offers emerging and mid-career artists essential resources, mentorships, and opportunities to share their work. The residency aims to build a stronger and more diverse artistic community in Brooklyn by supporting long term growth and fostering relationships across disciplines. The program’s four tracks are Contemporary Art, Film + TV, Performing Arts, and Video Art. Each track offers unique resources designed to meet the needs of varied artistic practices. Residents receive additional financial support, mentorship, skills-based learning opportunities, and documentation of their work. In-progress public programs (virtual and later live) will take place from September 2020 through June of 2021.

November 12, 2020

174Hz / Sunrise2Sunrise 285Hz / Sunrise2Sunrise 396Hz / Sunrise2Sunrise 417Hz / Sunrise2Sunrise 528Hz / Sunrise2Sunrise 639Hz / Sunrise2Sunrise 741Hz / Sunrise2Sunrise 852Hz / Sunrise2Sunrise 963Hz / Sunrise2Sunrise 1122Hz / Sunrise2Sunrise
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