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Brooklyn Sound Lab (BSL) is a full-service production company, record label, and publishing house dedicated to disrupting the status quo inside of the music industry, through an artist-driven model, providing traditional music label services in conjunction with non-traditional methods of marketing.

BSL functions as the parent and fiscal sponsor of Independent Ear – an Illinois based record label.

Ray Archie is the Executive Director of Notes to the Soul and head engineer of Brooklyn Sound Lab.  As a musician, Ray plays cello, bass, & piano and has performed internationally with Leonard Bernstein, Michael Tilson-Thomas, LSO, SF Symphony Orchestra, DSO, & many others.  Ray crosses the boundaries of classical, jazz, rock, hip-hop, and soul music.  Ray is also an award-winning engineer/producer who has worked in television and radio for over 20 years, has spoken internationally at both AES and EBU conventions, and has recorded 30+ albums, 25+ audiobooks, and 100’s long format journalism pieces for major publishers and media companies.

Standing alongside those hardest working artists

Dope musicians who, through their own strength, burn a path into today’s musical mainstream. We form the team of management, recording, branding, and booking that pushes the hardest working artists ahead to their full journey’s end. We don’t shirk from naysayers. We overcome them. We don’t listen to trends. We make them. We don’t cower at obstacles. We burn a path.


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 36% of musicians are self-employed.  Music career development has become more and more important.  Brooklyn Sound Lab is working on that challenge and is pulling together top music industry professionals to help.  This business model and Notes to the Soul’s career development program help the music community and the roster of artists to define their brands, tell their stories, expand their available revenue streams and to maintain healthy work/life balance.


BSL is tightening the relationships between the artists & their support team, which adds a much-needed layer of accountability in an industry that notoriously lacks it.  By putting the interest of the artist & community first, there’s an opportunity to create an integral balance between artists needs and financial sustainability.  

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