Jay Rodriguez

Jay Rodriguez is a Grammy Nominated Saxophonist, Flautist, Clarinetist, Film Composer, Producer, and Arranger.

Mike Slott

Mike Slott is a musician routed in Jazz and Classical music but raised with Hip Hop and Electronic equipment. It’s becoming a familiar story these days but strip the story and gear away and you are left with one of the subtlest, most naturally gifted modern producers of the moment. His bravery to explore percussive, …

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For the first time ever, New York City Ballet Principals Amar Ramasar and Andrew Veyette choreographedwithin the context of an immersive theatrical experience: an exclusive, invite-only, dance event uniquely staged within aprivate mansion ( in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. “NYC Ballet Principals Set for Private, Immersive Dance Event CHRYSALIS in Brooklyn“ – Broadway World The setting …

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Shared Sounds

Meta “With You Films LLC” is producing a Fantasy Drama called Meta featuring New York City Ballet stars.  Stephanie Singer is the composer. Elvin McRae was the percussionist and foley artist.  Ray Archie was the sound system designer, sound designer, mixer, and recordist. This is a brief recording of our exclusive immersive dance cultivation event …

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174Hz / Sunrise2Sunrise 285Hz / Sunrise2Sunrise 396Hz / Sunrise2Sunrise 417Hz / Sunrise2Sunrise 528Hz / Sunrise2Sunrise 639Hz / Sunrise2Sunrise 741Hz / Sunrise2Sunrise 852Hz / Sunrise2Sunrise 963Hz / Sunrise2Sunrise 1122Hz / Sunrise2Sunrise
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