For the first time ever, New York City Ballet Principals Amar Ramasar and Andrew Veyette choreographed
within the context of an immersive theatrical experience: an exclusive, invite-only, dance event uniquely staged within a
private mansion ( in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn.

“NYC Ballet Principals Set for Private, Immersive Dance Event CHRYSALIS in Brooklyn

– Broadway World

The setting will come alive as the performance unfolds, turning the dreamlike installation into a magical cocoon. As guests
are guided through the multi-floor experience, each setting will mimic one of the four stages of a moth’s metamorphosis.
The space will transform into a physical exploration of man’s relationship to nature, with the dancers and musicians as the
bridge between two worlds.

Chrysalis is a cultivation event in support of the development of the drama fantasy Meta.

“Meta is fantasy-drama told in four movements. A magical realist character study of Alex, a former ballet dancer and
survivor of trauma, chosen for a journey of transformation both meant for this world and beyond it.”

“In nature, the number four repeats like an echo. Four seasons, four dimensions, the four cardinal directions. In every
occurrence, four is presented as foundational; four elements of an ecosystem, four walls of a home. Four is the symbol of
a united world, of shared experience between the individual and the collective. Numerically, it functions as a
transitionary property, completing a cycle. It is the catalyst for change; it is the stages of a metamorphosis.”

Golan Ramraz (Iron Man) and Adam C. Sherer (Showtime’s House of Lies) have signed on to produce Meta alongside
With You Films Production co, CEOS Braun, Classey and Producer, Ramasar.

Meta stars: Misha Braun (Inside Llewyn Davis), Ramasar (2018 Broadway’s Carousel), Abigail Classey (Adult Swims,
Mostly For Millennials), Fiona Hardingham (The CW Dynasty) Shane Allen (Law And Order Criminal Intent), Alex Joy
Pucci (Classic Stage Company’s A Midsummer Nights Dream).

October 17, 2017

174Hz / Sunrise2Sunrise 285Hz / Sunrise2Sunrise 396Hz / Sunrise2Sunrise 417Hz / Sunrise2Sunrise 528Hz / Sunrise2Sunrise 639Hz / Sunrise2Sunrise 741Hz / Sunrise2Sunrise 852Hz / Sunrise2Sunrise 963Hz / Sunrise2Sunrise 1122Hz / Sunrise2Sunrise
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