Written by Harrison David Rivers, Directed by ShawnJ West, Prod. by New Conservatory Theatre Center

Before Simon came out, his mother Ora was his best friend and biggest supporter, but now there’s an ocean between them of what can’t be said, especially around his father. After a life-changing secret comes to light, will the family’s bond survive? Critically-acclaimed playwright Harrison David Rivers (This Bitter Earth and Interlude) returns to NCTC with this “gripping, funny and–above all else–brutally honest” (Talkin’ Broadway) semi-autobiographical story that explores how people can change and how love can evolve.

This west coast premiere is presented by the New Conservatory Theatre Center

Sound Design and composition by Ray Archie of Brooklyn Sound Lab


  • “Touching, true-to-life drama…produces chills and wonders” – Theatrius
  • “Playwright Harrison David Rivers writes little lyrical details that shine like jewels” – The San Francisco Chronicle
  • “This is one of the best productions ever at NCTC, and one that richly deserves your attendance and will reward your attention” – Talkin’ Broadway
  • “Rivers writes with palpable empathy for each of his characters. He loves them and he makes it clear that they love each other, even when they’re painfully at odds.” – Bay Area Reporter
  • “Director ShawnJ West wrings out realistic performances from his cast and allows Rivers’ touching script to unfold before us.” – Broadway World
  • we are continuous is a superb piece of theater” – Stage and Cinema

October 20, 2023

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