Written by Dominique Morisseau, Directed by L. Peter Callender, Prod. by African American Shakespeare Company

After two incidents at his public school which culminated in two suspensions, Nya, a public-school teacher, takes her son, Omari, out of the inner-city public school and enrolls him at Fernbrook, a private school far from home. When a third behavioral event happens there, expulsion and possible criminal charges might be next, Nya must confront the decisions and sacrifices she’s made to ensure Omari’s success. Written by MacArthur Fellowship recipient (The Genius Award) Dominique Morisseau, herself a former Detroit schoolteacher, Pipeline puts a magnifying glass on the complexities and nuances of Black parenting in the inner-city to the forefront. 

Sound Design and composition by Ray Archie of Brooklyn Sound Lab


  • Brilliantly nuanced, Dominique Morisseau’s PIPELINE reveals the complexities of Black parenting in the inner city. — Westside Observer
  • Theatrius
  • African-American Shakespeare Co.’S Explosive ‘Pipeline’ Vividly Details School-To-Prison Problem – SF Gate
  • a chilling reminder of our country’s failure to create social harmony and a fair playing field – Cordell Reports
  • Raymond Archie’s sound design ranging from thumping rap music to sudden school bells – Theatre Eddys

March 16, 2024

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