JPRiZM is an artist…A rhythmic novelist, inspired by an eclectic mix of musical influences. His sound is Pop | EDM | Hip Hop. The genre bending,JPRiZM epitomizes the no boundaries soundtrack of his generation; incorporating synthetic vibes of virtual worlds fused with bump worthy beats of modernity. Lyrically witty and not tethered to convention, his nerd cool music speaks to audiences with both emotion and intellect.

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JPRiZM is a sought after producer known for his Adventurous Space Age Rhythms. JPRiZM has written and produced soon-to-be-released music (vaulted) in recent months for such artists as Joelle James (Roc Nation), Amanda Holley (Tommy Boy), Phaedra (Artist Live), CaleDru (1KG), Lee Wilson(indie), Neville (Empire), JennieO. (indie), and Brittany Butler (indie).


JPRiZM the RE-IMAGINATOR has no boxes, no limits. Feed this Melodic Juggernaut your acapellas and he will teleport your eardrums to another dimension. JPRiZM takes EDM to new heights combining elements of House, Trap, Future beats, Boom Bap x Dubstep and taking dance floors to Transcendent Levels.


JPRiZM’s recent work includes producing and performing an audio logo for the Isabella Stewart Museum’s music series Rise, curated by Shea Roseand Simone Scazzocchio; an audio logo for the active lifestyle clothing brand Quicksilver; and being commissioned to write and produce music for the firm McFarland and Pecci.


JPRiZM plays corporate gigs, private events, and clubs. JPRiZM has an encyclopedic knowledge of music and at private and corporate gigs his versatility and connection with his listeners ensures they hear the music they love and want to hear. For those interested in adventuring into new musical territories, JPRiZM is happy to oblige. The result in every instance is fun and a good time for everyone. Known as the “One who sees sounds” JPRiZM incorporates Other Worldly Visuals to his eargasmic DJ sets including an array of visual imagery to complement the music. His rig includes Pioneer CDJ + DJM for clubs x Pioneer XDJ RX for mobile gigs. JPRiZM plays solo and also as part of the DJ Duo Opyn.Mynd.


JPRiZM – the instrumentalist and lyricist – writes music, melody and top-line (i.e., lyrics) either in collaborations with others or solo. His debut album MiNDWALKER was written 100% by him, was critically acclaimed, and his still getting considerable airplay both in the U.S. and internationally. His song catalogue is deep.

…mother was a sega genesis, father was tube television showin sci fi flix, I was birthed from the entertainment bliss…- Planes 2 Sea (JPRiZM)


JPRiZM, the Lyricist, Blogger, Pop Culturalist, Video Storyboarder. JPRiZM’s art contains stories about life told in an entertaining and musically stylized way, full of imagery and metaphorical play on words.  Listen and you’ll mind will be stimulated.


+++ G H X S T . W A V E +++

NEW mix series from the RE-IMAGINATOR

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May 12, 2020

174Hz / Sunrise2Sunrise 285Hz / Sunrise2Sunrise 396Hz / Sunrise2Sunrise 417Hz / Sunrise2Sunrise 528Hz / Sunrise2Sunrise 639Hz / Sunrise2Sunrise 741Hz / Sunrise2Sunrise 852Hz / Sunrise2Sunrise 963Hz / Sunrise2Sunrise 1122Hz / Sunrise2Sunrise
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