HALIE! The Mahalia Jackson Musical, is a new work which celebrates the life of the gospel legend and Civil Rights activist. Guided by a strong religious calling, Jackson’s gospel performances connected with audiences across the world while deeply connecting to both the struggles and joys of African Americans. Combining strong musical performances and a unique look onto her life, HALIE will both educate and enrapture audiences. Presented by the Lorraine Hansberry Theatre

This show feels like I’m honoring the legacy of Mahalia Jackson, Wendy Taylor, and all of my female ancestors,” says HALIE! director Darryl V. Jones. “Mahalia’s story feels synonymous with all of the Black women in my family: my mother, my aunts, my grandmothers — and their ability to overcome insurmountable odds through a strong work ethic and deep, abiding faith.

The show’s cast of four includes golden-toned powerhouse Jeannine Anderson as the titular character with Rodney Earl Jackson Jr., Sam Faustine, and Darryl V. Jones playing a variety of characters from Jackson’s life. Anderson returns to her role after performing in the 2015 workshop. 

This is a necessary, historical, and empowering story, and it’s on us to tell our stories, our historical accounts,” says Lorraine Hansberry Theatre Artistic Director Margo Hall. “Black history is slowly being removed from schools, so it’s important for Black institutions to make sure our history is not erased. We do this through our art.


Written by Wendy E. Taylor & Darryl V. Jones
Directed by Darryl V. Jones
Musical Direction by Andrew Barnes Jamieson

Choreography by Hannefah Hassan-Evans
Dramaturgy by Nathanael Mitchell

Lighting Design by Stephanie Anne Johnson

Set Design by Hector Zavala

Costume Design by Tiersa Nureyev

Projections Design by Sarah Phykitt

Sound Design & Engineering by Ray Archie | Brooklyn Sound Lab

December 2, 2022

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