Fronted by Marc Gaffney, aka Gaff, who has the pipes Chris Cornell used to possess before he started modeling men’s cologne.

Doug Sherman (Guitar) – “Doug) I come from a musical family. My uncle was a jazz sax player in Boston and my dad played guitar.  I started taking piano and violin lessons at a young age then moved on to guitar after seeing  a video of Alvin Lee and Ten Years after playing “Going Home” from Woodstock. I ended up at Berklee and gigged my way through college; graduated and ended up playing in a hip hop/funk band called Pimp Carriage then joined a soul band called Superhoney. I have lots of passion for soul/disco/funk/groove.  I then ended up playing with Gaff in a down tempo acid jazzy kind of project for years. Upright bass, turntables, soundscapes. Portishead meets Jeff Buckley kind of shit. Then we formed Gozu with the idea of bringing these influences to a heavier medium as such. ”

Dean “The Dux” Johnston: Dean Johnston, known as “The Dux”, graduated from Berklee College of Music with degrees in Performance and Education, and began playing professionally amidst the  vibrant music scene throughout New England and the East Coast.  He is a founding member of the seminal neo-soul band, SuperHoney, garnering 3 Boston Music awards and 10 nominations whilst touring the U.S. and Europe.  He is currently in his 12th year as the drummer for Club d’Elf – an improv collective that defies classification – who have recently returned from headlining the Ecuador Jazz Festival in Quito.  Club d’Elf has also earned 10 BMA nominations.  Members include John Medeski, Marco Benevento, David Fiuczynski, David Tronzo, Reeves Gabrels, Ed Mann, Dana Colley, Duke Levine, and Randy Roos.  Dean is also featured in the upcoming April 2017 issue of DRUM! magazine.

Ray Archie — Acoustic & Electric Bass!

Ryan Casey (DJ/Production): “I obsess about the tone of an oscillator the way she does about a melody. It’s like she is writing a script and starring in it, and I’m the cinematographer.”[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space][/vc_column][/vc_row]

April 12, 2016

174Hz / Sunrise2Sunrise 285Hz / Sunrise2Sunrise 396Hz / Sunrise2Sunrise 417Hz / Sunrise2Sunrise 528Hz / Sunrise2Sunrise 639Hz / Sunrise2Sunrise 741Hz / Sunrise2Sunrise 852Hz / Sunrise2Sunrise 963Hz / Sunrise2Sunrise 1122Hz / Sunrise2Sunrise
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