Join Poetic Theater Productions and Musical Theatre Factory for a one-night-only concert happening, Feeling Good: Pleasure as Ritual Resistance on August 21st at 8:00pm at Judson Memorial Church. Creating a portal through adrienne maree brown’s NY Times bestselling book Pleasure Activism, this night is a gathering with artist-activists across performance disciplines who center pleasure in their work of social transformation.

Judson Arts presents Musical Theatre Factory & Poetic Theater Productions’ 

Feeling Good: Pleasure as Ritual Resistance

Doors open at 7:15; Show at 8:00

Presented as a part of Judson Arts Wednesdays’ “Magic Time” Series

Hosted by Toni Blackman

Featuring work by Shakina Nayfack, Jillian Walker, Nia O. Witherspoon, Troy Anthony, Kay Ulanday Barrett, and Taja Lindley.

Directed by Jeremy Karafin and Mei Ann Teo

Musical direction by Tariq Al-Sabir

Arrangement by Juliette Jones of Rootstock Republic

Projection design by Lisa Renkel and Brian Pacelli

Lighting design by Kryssy Wright

Production stage management by Ellen Mischinski

Audio production and engineering by Ray Archie of Brooklyn Sound Lab

Art featured in graphic by Hanna Taranishyna

Musical Theatre Factory is a nonprofit artist service organization dedicated to helping musical theatre makers develop and present new work in a collaborative environment free from the pressures of critical or commercial success. With a focus on peer evaluation and collaborative feedback, our Assembly Line of development programs is designed to nurture new work from an initial idea to a first full draft, and even a first production, all at no cost to the artists. Chances are, if there’s an exciting new musical on the horizon, we’re working on it!

Poetic Theater Productions seeks to define the modern genre of “poetic theater” by connecting and fostering a community of artists who are passionately creating relevant and accessible work and reinvigorating a conscious theater of language. Poetic Theater Productions offers resources and opportunities for poets, playwrights, and theater artists to create new work and see it through to production via educational workshops, developmental readings and performance. PTP seeks out and creates opportunities to connect with communities affected by the issues of topic within our productions through collaborative projects and exchanges of art and ideas.

August 21, 2019

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