Ray Archie

Ray Archie

Ray Archie is the Executive Director of Notes to the Soul and head engineer of Brooklyn Sound Lab.  As a musician, Ray plays cello, bass, & piano and has performed internationally with Leonard Bernstein, Michael Tilson-Thomas, LSO, SF Symphony orchestra, & many others.  Ray crosses the boundaries of classical, jazz, rock, hip-hop, and soul music.  …

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Scotty Hard

In the summer of 1988, Scotty Hard, a native of Vancouver, Canada, heard the first rebellious wails of saxophone on P.E.’s “Rebel Without A Pause,” permanently altering his destiny. After a 10 year engagement with the punk and alternative scene in Vancouver, Scotty packed his bags and moved to New York City determined to participate …

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Juma Sultan

Juma Sultan is a legendary musician, producer, educator and activist whom has collaborated with such luminary artists as Jimi Hendrix, Sonny Simmons, Archie Shepp, Pharaoh Sanders, James “Blood” Ullmer, Dave Burell, Sam Rivers and many more.

Jay Rodriguez

Jay Rodriguez is a Grammy Nominated Saxophonist, Flautist, Clarinetist, Film Composer, Producer, and Arranger.

Mike Slott

Mike Slott is a musician routed in Jazz and Classical music but raised with Hip Hop and Electronic equipment. It’s becoming a familiar story these days but strip the story and gear away and you are left with one of the subtlest, most naturally gifted modern producers of the moment. His bravery to explore percussive, …

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Down Low Connection

The Boston Hip-Hop scene of the 1990s was a microcosm of the “Hip-Hop Generation” – Rooted in the Black community, The DLC was a multicultural intersectional community that protested structural inequality, posed timeless questions of philosophy & religion, & promoted abstract poetry as high art.

ZMQ Landscapes

Zeke Martin

Born in Brussels in 1973, Zeke Martin entered the world with a pair of drumsticks in his hands.  Influenced by his father, Stu Martin, who played with Jazz greats such as Herbie Hancock, John McLaughlin, Charles Mingus, Dave Holland and Quincy Jones to name a few, Zeke’s musical repertoire includes a blend of Jazz, Funk, …

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