• RELEASE DATE /October, 20 2017
  • FORMAT /Digital


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At the 2017 Audio Engineering Society’s national convention in New York, HEAR Now presented a special ‘reading’ of Shakespeare MacBeth Act IV, Scene 1, while at the same time shaping some staging around a binaural microphone head, that plays with proximity, intensity, and arrangement. The result was a combination of live theatre-going and full-cast audio drama, though in a highly immersive sense, since it sounded to the listener as if they are sitting center stage, atop the very cauldron containing the witches’ brew.

Ray Archie mixed the event.  The audience listened via wireless headphones (provided by Sennheiser).  The sound effects were all triggered live using Maschine.  The performance was recorded on Logic Pro X.

The original performance was in Kansas City at the annual HearNow festival.  You can read more about that here: http://www.hearnowfestival.org/audio-tonight1.html

Please enjoy this excerpt.

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